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NoWax Light curing patterns - design free form models the smart way
Flexible, wax like NoWax material before light curing
NoWax light curing patterns allow the easy creation of free form jewelry models by hand. Unlike soft wax models made of NoWax can be created and remain in shape even under elevated ambient temperatures. Coolants or other measures for cooling are not necessary.
In contrast to other light curing products NoWax remains dry and not sticky.
A key feature of NoWax is the significant change of color as it cures. The curing process can be easily monitored by the change of color from pink to yellow - thus NoWax products can be cured with conventional light curing lamps independent of their properties.
NoWax patterns are formed easily like wax before light curing
NoWax patterns change color during light curing and become hard und brittle like plastic
NoWax patterns can be machined after light curing.
Cured NoWax patterns can be modified by drilling, grinding or milling. Alterations with conventional wax are easily done by joining wax parts or reinforcing if necessary.
Complex structured designs are made with little material in short time by joining prefabricated parts with light curing glue. Finished patterns can be ground or filed before casting.
NoWax parts can be fixed together to form complex structures
Perfect cast of a titanium pendant made with Cast-Ti of Ti-Research ready for further processing.
NoWax burns out cleanly without any residues. In combination suitable investments finished models can be used for speed burn out processes.
An assorted set of different NoWax patterns is available as a Start-up Kit for an easy access to this new material.

Step by step workflow for the production of objects with NoWax of Ti-Research
model creation

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