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NoWax Start-up Kit
NoWax Start-up Kit contains an assortment of selected NoWax patterns, sheets, Bond und separators
The Start-up Kit contains a basic selection of different NoWax patterns and separators for a wide variety of applications.
Content of the Start-up Kit:
Stipple sheet 0.35mm 1 sheet Wire, halfround 1.9x1.0mm 1 sheet
Stipple sheet 0.45mm
1 sheet
Wire, halfround 2.9x1.6mm 1 sheet
Stipple sheet 0.75mm 1 sheet Bond (light curing glue) 5 g
Separator F 30 ml Soft, NoWax putty 10 g
Start-up Kit
Item-no. 4800-00
129.00 EUR
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