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Size of Cast/T in relation to the size of a ring stick Perfect casting of a variety of silver objects made with Cast ready for further processing
Workflow for the production of bronze crucifixes with Cast by Ti-Research
Cast and Cast/T of Ti-Research are centrifugal casting machines for the production of jewelry and precision castings of all kinds.

The devices are designed to cast precious and non-precious metals. All metals suitable for flame melting under atmospheric conditions can be used.

Metal is melted in a crucible on top of the machine. Three different sizes of crucibles allow melting of up to 450 g gold or equivalent quantity of silver, stainless steel, platinum or other metals.

The casting machines are distinguished by ease of use and the extraordinary small size. They are first choice for locations with limited workspace.

Cast and Cast/T devices meet all CE requirements and applicable safety standards and are TUV-GS certified by TUV Product Service.

All accessories required for a safe operation are included in the basic accessory set:
Cast and the basic accessory set
1 x Casting machine
1 x Crucible holder
1 x Crucible L (for max. 250g Gold)
1 x Crucible M (für max. 150g Gold)
1 x Mould base
1 x Metal ring 30mm
1 x Metal ring 60mm
5 x Waxdisks
1 x Mould pliers
1 x Set of tools
The operation of Cast is based on a patented casting principle. Balancing prior to operation is not necessary.
Casting of a small series production with stones set in place Casting of a golden filigree butterfly brooch
Despite the small footprint not only single parts but small series can be cast. Size and quantity of objects is limited by the capacity of the crucible and the maximum size of the metal ring.

Metal consumption can be reduced by up to 50% using the suggested sprue technique.

Application examples:
Step by step Perfekter Guß von verschiedenen Objekten aus Silber  mit Cast fertig für die weitere Ausarbeitung
Jewelry production

Arbeitsablauf für die Produktion einer Kleinserie von Bronzekreuzen mit Cast von Ti-Research
Cast in action
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