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Ti-Light Light curing pattern for efficient work.
Ti-Light pattern after light curing, removed from model
Ti-Light is the well-proved light curing pattern for the easy modellation of partials and the like without the need for duplication or a refractory model.

Ti-Light may be used even at high ambient temperatures and does not require special treatment like cooling etc.

Unlike other light curing products Ti-Light patterns aren't sticky to fingers or tools but sufficiently rigid to remain in shape when taken off the model.
A special feature of Ti-Light is the change in colour from pink to yellow while curing. Most common light curing devices may be used for curing. The status of the curing process is visually determined easily.
Ti-Light can be formed in shape like wax before cured in light
Ti-Light patterns change color when cured in light indicating the curing status.
Ti-Light patterns can be cut, machined, milled or ground after light curing
The light cured patterns may be removed from the model for further processing like cutting, milling or grinding even before casting.

Reinforcing and finishing is done with wax as usual after curing.

Removable patterns without the need for a refractory model require minimum effort and expenses for the production of metal frames.

They save extra time by partially finishing the pattern prior to casting.

Ti-Light pattern with sprues attached to oval mold base for casting
Removable titanium partial denture metal frame made with Cast-Ti ready for further processing
Ti-Light burns completely without any residues and may be used for fast burnout with suitable investments.

Working on the master model results in maximum precision without loss of details.

The outstanding features of Ti-Light allows the arrangement of multiple patterns in one mold and can be cast in one process.

Ti-Light patterns combine maximum use of resources with minimum production time independently from the casting system used.

Four Ti-Light patterns attached with sprues to conventional mold base
A Start-up Kit is available to evaluate the benefits in daily work for a wide variety of applications.
Non-precious frames
Perfect casting of three metal frames with Cast by Ti-Research ready for further processing
produced with Ti-Light
Titanium upper/lower
Step by step workflow of the production of a titanium metal frame with Ti-Light of Ti-Research
frames with Ti-Light
Complete workflow of the production of a titanium metal frame with Ti-Light of Ti-Research
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