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Ti-Light Start-up Kit
Ti-Light Start-up Kit comprises a selection of different Ti-Light patterns, sheets, retentions and separators.
The kit is a selection of different Ti-Light products and includes all separators required for daily work and a basic set of supplies for a variety of applications.
Content of the Start-up Kit:
Molar clasps 1 sheet Palatal bar 1 sheet
Premolar clasps
1 sheet
Reinforcing rods 2.3x1.3mm 1 sheet
Anterior clasps 1 sheet Reinforcing rods 3.0x1.5mm 1 sheet
Skeleton sheets 1 sheet Bond (Ti-Light glue) 5 g
Lower retention bands 1 sheet Separator L 20 ml
Stipple sheet 0.35mm 1 sheet Separator D 20 ml
Stipple sheet 0.55mm 1 sheet Separator F 30 ml
Lingual bar 1 sheet Instructions
Start-up Kit
Item-no. 4700-00
198.00 EUR
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